Friday, October 9, 2009

This is my latest quilt called Colorplay/pink. I am hoping it is the last of quilts with little pieces. I keep trying to work in bigger shapes, but end up small. But at least I tried a new color: pink! yes it is crooked, it came out that way.

I have a change in my schedule with work, so I am going to be able to work on my quilts more. I am looking forward to really getting into the process, and not have to have my ideas pile up in my head and in my sketchbook before I am able to do something about them.


  1. Your quilts are gorgeous...I love the handdyes and the modern free form of quilting. I noticed I am starting to love modern quilts more and more. It was so nice to see all your quilts in the slideshow.

  2. I enjoy the pink! And the irregular shape catches your eye. Nice to have more time to sew.


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