Structure Series


    Structure 1, 38"H x 57" W, 2011

      Structure 2, 45"H x 75.5"W, 2011

   Structure 3, 38"H x 54" W, 2011

                                       Structure 4, 36"H x 40"W, 2011

                                      Structure 13, 34"H x 34"W, 2011

                                    Structure 12, 29"H x 52"W, 2011

  Structure 11, 25"H x 41"W, 2011
                                   Structure 9, 30"H x 32"W, 2011

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gail
    I was browsing around on your site here. I never had looked all around before in totality. I am really so drawn to the colorform pieces. And the squares. These are terrific.


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