Sunday, July 19, 2009


I have been gone a lot this summer, which is nice but now it seems hard to find my groove. I have cleaned, put away, done laundry and finally decided it was time to get started on a quilt project. I am trying a second quilt in an idea I had for prairie grass. The first used subdued colors, but now, after seeing the grass in the early morning bright sun, I am using brighter colors. Once I am not so frustrated, I will post a photo.

Sometimes I listen to music as I sew. Other times it is too distracting. But when I got home I turned on the CD player and have been listening again to Edgar Meyer, a string bass player who has some CD's with YoYo Ma, as well as Joshua Bell. I am listening to his solo CD, where he has written all the music, and is playing all the instruments himself. He uses some interesting meter changes, other times it only sounds like the music is in an odd meter. It is wonderful to hear his lyrical pieces on the piano, and it is amazing to think he is playing it all himself. He shows how beautiful a string bass sounds!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sharing a Sketchbook

My sister and I have sketchbooks that we share. Of course, I have a sketchbook I keep for myself, but it is interesting to share one with another artist. She is a watercolor artist, and we find we share the same joys and sorrows in our art! I write something in my sketchbook about what I am working on, then mail it to her. She writes something, often reacting to what I have written and sends it back. We started this several months ago, and have really gotten a lot out of the process. We write about what inspires us, what frustrates us. Of course our entries include things cut out of magazines we think the other person can relate to, pictures of something we are working on, something we remember from the past that relates to the present.

My main problem is that I need to have it sitting out so I see it, then I remember to write in it! I am finding it interesting to look at what I have written as I get better as an artist, and it is fun to hear what someone else thinks. Is there someone you can share a sketchbook with?
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