Wednesday, October 21, 2009

These are my most recent quilts. Although I like the use of color and line, I am bothered by the fact that they are not what I had in mind. I began with a drawing, and had some idea in mind of what I was striving for, but the end result was quite different. At first I thought, oh well, that is what happens, but as I was doing the hand sewing I realized that it bothered me. I got to the end and didn't like the way it was going, and couldn't come up with a solution that worked with the original thought. I cut, and moved things around until it became something I liked, but I had lost track of my goal.
So my new way of doing things is going to be to start with a written goal; something I can refer to as I work. I want it to be very specific. I may not have a drawing in mind, but I would like to have an idea I am working on.

How do you begin a project?


  1. Ok I had just posted on my blog and then had a great a laugh as I caught up on reading yours-looks like we were having the same problems! I like them though. Maybe the fabric was driving your design instead of you driving it.

  2. Hey Gail, these quilts look fabulous! I can see how you are paying attention to value, weight, and shape. I'm hoping you can get a grasp on those quilts in your head... sleep on it! Robin


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