Friday, September 11, 2009

No Rules!

I put up a sign this week so I could see it as I sewed quilting lines on a triangle quilt. I was thinking that when you make traditional quilts, there are a lot of rules, but with art quilts, there are not...or are there? I think sometimes I have a rule I am following but I am not aware of it. It may have to do with colors I am using, or how I am sewing pieces together, or the size of the shapes. I feel I am following fewer rules, but at times the subconscious rules get in the way. I want to have in mind what I am trying to do; start with no rules and decide what guidelines I am using.

I am experimenting with curves after seeing some wonderful quilts. After trying a few things I think lots of curves are not for me, or maybe I just need more time to work with them. I do like the curves on the quilting lines. This is opening up a whole new thought process for me now; the edges of the quilt are squared, but do all the sewing lines need to be that way too?

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