Thursday, September 3, 2009

I decided to go back to the familiar, and that is what this quilt seems to be. After trying new things; I am not sure of what I have done, and I am not ready to show them yet! I don't feel sure if they are in a direction I want to be going. So, bright colors, strips sewn, cut and re-sewn in columns are a familiar way to go. But I have done something new in the quilting; wavy lines that sometimes cross over each other.

Now I have been working on triangles, sewn together and cut up and re-sewn in new ways. I like the way it is turning out!


  1. Gail, I am loving your beautiful quilts... the compositions are very simple and complex at the same time - I always see something different when I look at them. Good color combinations and excellent contrast. Well done!

  2. My friend Vivika said I'd like to see your work and she was SO right! I'll thank Vivika later...and THANK YOU now. Very inspiring.

  3. You have a good eye for color and contrast to draw you in!


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