Saturday, August 22, 2009

I feel like I haven't done much this summer in terms of quilting, but these are pictures of what I have done. We are back from all our vacations as school starts next week.

Each day I go for a walk on a path along a prairie restoration area, and 3 of my quilts are inspired by the colors in different lighting that I have seen when I walk. The green quilt is more subdued, but it is the first one I did, and is a more literal view than the others. Sometimes when the sun is bright, and there have been many flowers in the grasses you realize how many colors there really are on the prairie. On our vacation in Wisconsin we walked along a marsh, and there was a big open are of grasses and prairie flowers that were beautiful.The last quilt is maybe the first in another series as I try to use basic shapes that are larger and fewer colors. Now I am looking forward to seeing where these lead me.


  1. Nice job missie-absolutely love #1 and 3. It does remind me of prairie grass gently blowing in the breeze. How large are they? I think I would enjoy them large or small! Glad to have you back.

  2. I love the new direction you are taking! You are trying new things and inspired by your own personal experiences. You are a master of color combinations!

  3. These are just lovely. Your choice in abstract shape and contrasting shapes/colors are striking. Nice work.

  4. I just looked at your newest quilts and I am really proud of your accomplishments! Congratulations on your recent notification of an upcoming show at the Raue Center for the Arts! ~Mom


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