Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Beginning

The top picture is one of the last etc. pieces I have left, and I like the colors on this one. But it is only 8" x 10". The bottom picture shows the beginning process of making something bigger. I am using the colors of the etc. to make a new piece that will be 6-8 feet wide. Getting the colors to work is a long process, and it is interesting to see what changes need to be made to make something quite a bit bigger. You can only see part of it-there are 2 more sections to the left. Of course, I never have just the same colors to work with, so there are adjustments to be made. And I don't want to just copy what  I did before. It is hard to stand back to see what I am doing-but here is where a camera comes in handy. Just looking through the camera lens lets me see things a bit better. Other times, I walk out of the room, and then come back in. This is the fun part. Other times, it is just plain hard!

1 comment:

  1. I love what you do with such simple shapes...GREAT ART!
    But I do know it is not easy creating what to many look like simple compositions.
    I can be much harder than more complex designs as there are so many things that have to be just right.


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