Thursday, August 30, 2012

End of summer

I spent a lot of time this summer at our family cabin in Minnesota, on the shore of Lake Superior. I have gone there all my life, and one of my favorite things to do is look at rocks. There are some great beaches where the rocks are smooth, from years of crashing waves from the big lake. One year I collected rocks for our pond at home, another year we used some to make lamps. Some of my favorite ones are just sitting on a shelf! This year we looked for small, flat ones,and my husband drilled holes in them so I could make necklaces; here is my first one! Lately I have applied to several quilt shows, but I have finished with that now, I have cleaned up my studio. Today I am thinking of those waves, and they are translating into something new on my design wall. I am back to repeating patterns, but not in any rush-no deadlines, no shows to think about. Maybe it will work out, maybe not, but I am going to take time to see how shapes and colors fit together.


  1. Welcome Back! Pretty and what a nice keepsake.

  2. I love rocks too. I had no idea you could drill holes in them!

    I think it will be wonderful to work with no deadlines. Soon I will be there too.


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