Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ColorForm 21

I have been working on more of these smaller ColorForm quilts lately. As you can see, I love orange! Using just a few colors and shapes can be challenging, but interesting in these quilts. As the summer continues to be busy, it is nice to work on something challenging, yet small enough to handle in a short amount of time. One more quilt waits for machine quilting before summer ends.


  1. I love this Gail! The dark brown against the red-orange in the lower left is awesome... and that olivey-chartreusey greeny brown color (what a description, LOL!) is totally to dye for! The solid white around the outside is lovely, I love this series!!!

  2. I love this series too and what fantastic colors. I agree with Candy!

  3. I have such a contented, happy feeling looking at the shapes and colors of your Colorforms. They are simple and wonky, two of my favorite adjectives.


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