Friday, January 29, 2010

Running Late for the Train

Remembering something from Nancy Crow's workshops, I took pictures of the process of making this quilt. I am glad I came up with a design I liked, because this quilt has come a long way. I can see now as I looked back over the stages I went through, I needed a focus. I started with the horizontal blue and white, since I tend to start with vertical pieces, then try to add horizontal later. The red log cabin block seems to grab my eye as I look at it.
I have decided to come up with more creative names too. Since art quilters are encouraged to work in a series, the names tend to become numbers. I related that to music where a composer will use the name, sonata No. 1 in G. But I began to forget which quilt is which when I used names like that, so I have started to use names that come to me as I am working on a quilt. Yesterday I looked through a book of poems and found phrases that I liked that might be used as a name for a quilt.


  1. I Love the greens in this. Once I read your comment about the red log cabin, I see what you mean - but what grabs my eye 1st is the long horizontal line up towards the top (greens interspersed w/ other colors. 2nd is the brown, white and blue horizontals lower down.

    Martha Marshall has a great idea for names of abstract art - take a look here if you've got a moment!

    Looks like fun!

  2. I love the name and it fits. I have thought of how much I disliked all the numbers I assigned to my quilts last year. I certainly can't remember-how who anyone else? Great bit of creative genius! Another great work.

  3. Hi, Gail,
    I've joined Melody in QAWM*. Spent last evening organizing scraps that I'll use in my first QAWM*.


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