Tuesday, January 19, 2010

first quilt of 2010

I started this quilt in December, but finished it recently. I used a cross hatch typed of quilting, and now feel I am not liking how that looks, at least on my quilts. After spending last week dyeing fabric, reorganizing fabric, going through quilting magazines, I feel ready for the new year! I started a quilt this week, and am quilting it now, but it reminds me of how I am thinking more about how I machine quilt. I have read what others think, and respect what they say, but want to come up with my own theory for myself. Also, I think lately I have stuck with the same colors! So finally the sun is out and it makes you look at the world a little differently.


  1. I like everything about your work and always look forward to what's new. I think your comment about deriving your own theory has great merit. And, it's not just because I am on a similar path ;^)

  2. This one is beautiful as well-it feels peaceful!


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