Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am feeling a little behind, having been sick for 2 weeks. So I am posting a photo of my pile of quilts that will be in the book Robin and I are planning. I hope you can see enough so that you are interested in the challenges we have come up with to create our book. Now I am working on a quilt that is based on the log cabin. It is amazing all the ideas that can come from that simple block. Add to that the hand cut line, and ideas seem endless. I am so glad to be feeling better, and can't wait to get back to new projects. Today I sold 2 more quilts, and that makes me feel humble. But I am running low on fabric!


  1. At first glance I thought those folded quilts were all a set of pillows! I know they are not, but still it made me think, PILLOWS! What fun it would be to make some to match the quilts. Not that these are bed quilts...I ramble. But a beautiful wall quilt like any of yours could have a matching sofa pillow couldn't it?

  2. What fun you are having-they look great! Love your color palette and bold designs.

  3. Gail these are beautiful. You have such amazing talents..


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