Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More experiments

Here is some of the fabric I have made recently, experimenting with flour paste as a resist, and also using soft scrub with bleach to disperse the dye. I have done it over several times, to get layers of interesting results. I am still working on how to use these fabrics: getting too busy with details is not in my nature, but using the whole cloth doesn't seem right yet either. I think I have to keep it in the back of my mind while I come up with ideas.

Some things happen during the process: that orange streak, where did it come from? I love the way it looks.


  1. I love all your work, and I think your new "experiments" are fabulous. Today I bought some soft scrub with bleach so that I can experiment too. May I ask, did you stop the bleach action with something other than water and soap? And if so, what did you use?
    Thanks, Joan


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