Friday, January 18, 2013

ColorForm 29

This is one of the 8"x10" ColorForm quilts I have made-I mount them on stretched canvas, which makes them easy to hang. I have made 8 of them-they are a nice bit of color in a dreary winter.

This ColorForm quilt is 44"H x 54"W. I wanted to make a big quilt this time, but did not want to just make something similar to the small ones, with few shapes. I used rows of square shapes, sometimes connected to each other but in other places there is white space. After looking at all my colors, I decided to use red, sometimes a hard color to use, and one I usually combine with black and grey. This time I decided to be brave and use shades of purple. I do like purple but it is hard to use it in a quilt.


  1. The simplicity, clarity, and harmony of your quilts is striking - I've been looking back through your blog and really can't choose a favourite, they all appeal to me!

  2. This is a great series Gail. I like the "connections" and the larger shapes the connections make. I also enjoyed the groupings of your smaller pieces you posted on facebook last week. I liked all of them !


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