Monday, November 12, 2012

ColorForm 27

This ColorForm quilt was completed at the beginning of November- I am getting behind in showing my work. It is about 50". I wanted to show big shapes, and I like the way some of them are not solid colors. I have been enjoying these newly dyed fabrics that are not quite solid colors, probably thanks to the fabric dyeing class I took earlier this year. (thanks Candy!) Shapes and colors are what my quilts are about, and I think using fewer colors lets the shapes get noticed.

I have been trying some new things, and will get pictures of them up soon. I have some bindings to finish up, and more pictures to take-a goal for the week!


  1. Big, Bold and Beautiful!

    I really wish you had a picture taken of you maneuvering it through your machine. Kudos to you.

  2. Ooh ooh OOH! I love the colors in this one! I am totally loving how these look against the pure white. I've not mixed hand dyed fabrics with white...umm...ever, I think. But this series is getting me to consider it, as you do it so well! I'm glad you're enjoying the fabrics you made after taking Dyeing 101! :-)


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