Friday, November 4, 2011

How to Work?

Last week was frustrating; any time I had at the design wall seemed to be a matter of putting up fabric and taking it down. I must have handled most of my fabric, changed my mind, and went from small to big to small again. Finally last night I decided I needed to stop and think-what am I trying to do, and how do I usually do it? When I make a small quilt I am working from scraps of fabric, and often the shapes appeals to me, as well as the color. When I am working big, I start with the color, then need to make it a certain shape. After I find I like a certain design, I refine the shapes and lines. But can I do that bigger? I will have to try again! It is so hard to see what I am doing because I can't stand back from the design wall very far. This quilt is about 30 x 37, and I want to try bigger now.

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  1. When I paint with my friend Joyce, she uses a pair of binoculars and turns them upside down so you are viewing through the 'wrong' end. It mimics standing back further to see the whole thing....try it!

    It is interesting to see how you work differently depending on the size. Keep going! You are on to something great!


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