Monday, January 10, 2011

New Work

This quilt is big: 38" H x 57" W, and yet to be named. I found myself loving the way the long, thin quilting lines look on a quilt, yet on a quilt this size it takes a long time to do! It became the perfect thing to do during the busyness of Christmas and New Years. To me they look like pencil lines: not perfect, done by hand. This quilt came from wanting to use big shapes, and since there are fewer colors each shape becomes important. It feels like the ships at Lake Superior! massive, structural. I just finished another one, so I had better think of a name soon!


  1. You have outdone yourself on this beautiful quilting. You are right -pencil lines gently drawn on your quilt. I love the red shapes-or ships.

    What color thread did you end up using? or did you change in each shape?

    Well done!

  2. Thank you Colleen. I used a medium khaki color all over.


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