Monday, February 22, 2010

Finished QAWM

I used up some of the strips to make a border, and the quilt is about 60x70. I used the rest of the strips to make the binding. I did the best I could without many light colors! I do have some more fabric left in my stash to try something else.

What was Left and Street after Street

This quilt was made in January, but I just realized I forgot to put up a picture of it. As I look at it, I remember the roundabout way it came to be. I had originally laid background pieces up on the design wall, in different shades of gold/bronze shades. But as you can see, nothing came of that! I did make a block using some of the shades, adding just a few other colors, and black and white. I like the colors against the golds, and the yellow and black. I went back to a method of sewing strips together, then cutting them up and reconfiguring them.

What was Left, the top quilt, came after thinking I was going to work in 4 colors, using 3 shades of each. That became frustrating, and I gave up, and decided to do what felt right! I put up a few pieces of fabric, in large pieces, which just felt good to me. I may have gone to far, as this is quite stark, but to me it has reminded me of the way I want to work right now. I feel a need to show shapes and colors in big sizes and make them relate through the lines that join them.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

QAWM finished

I couldn't get the whole quilt in the photo. It is about 55" x 65". Last week I changed the layout of the quilt each time I walked past my design wall. Friday I settled on a vertical orientation. I cut some of the half pieces in half too. I feel I had such limitations on value, that making blocks seemed to be too busy. And even this seems pretty wild! But that is what happens when you are using up what you have. I may try to add some type of border, and I need a backing fabric. It has been fun seeing what everyone has come up with.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have made about 14 blocks for my project, and see that I don't have any really light fabric, so I will go along with what I have. The plan is to cut the blocks in half, and this is the first layout I came up with. I am only using a few different colors of hand-dyed fabric. I can see that I will have to move things around more if I use this layout.

Monday, February 1, 2010

In Search of Sun

In this quilt I challenged myself to use yellow. Maybe it was an unconscious reaction to the lack of sun in Chicago (7 days of no sun!), but it was a realization that I want to learn to work with other colors. It started out lighter, but needing a contrast, I used a beautiful dark blue I had recently dyed.

I am taking part in Melody's quilt project. (Fibermania) As I went through my small stash of fabric I realized that if I used all the greens and purples/reds, I would clear out half a drawer, and have used up a lot of fabric that had just been sitting around. I am adding light greens and shades of purple from my hand-dyed fabric. It has been such a good feeling to clear out that fabric. But as I read Mel's start to her quilt, I am reminded that every quilt seems to have the same set of ups and downs until the end! At first you are excited about your idea, then you run into frustration, then you solve that and feel good, and so it goes. I have found that if I just go along with it, things work out somehow, and frustration leads to some type of solution.
I have not used many fabrics lately that are not hand-dyed, but I found I have a lot of Kaffe Fassett and batik. I will post later pictures of the beginning of my quilt.
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