Monday, February 22, 2010

What was Left and Street after Street

This quilt was made in January, but I just realized I forgot to put up a picture of it. As I look at it, I remember the roundabout way it came to be. I had originally laid background pieces up on the design wall, in different shades of gold/bronze shades. But as you can see, nothing came of that! I did make a block using some of the shades, adding just a few other colors, and black and white. I like the colors against the golds, and the yellow and black. I went back to a method of sewing strips together, then cutting them up and reconfiguring them.

What was Left, the top quilt, came after thinking I was going to work in 4 colors, using 3 shades of each. That became frustrating, and I gave up, and decided to do what felt right! I put up a few pieces of fabric, in large pieces, which just felt good to me. I may have gone to far, as this is quite stark, but to me it has reminded me of the way I want to work right now. I feel a need to show shapes and colors in big sizes and make them relate through the lines that join them.


  1. I really like the way "value" works in this piece. The black is striking and creates movement and pulls my eyes from left to right. Cool. The top piece is also striking... has the texture thru quilting that I try to achieve. Good work!

  2. I love this quilt. It is sufficiently ordered to create calm, yet abstracted to break out of the traditionally stiff geometric shapes. The colors are calming, too.


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